Friday, July 14, 2006

Cow Town Day 2 - Stampede

Today we went to the Stampede. I actually have pictures on my cell, but I won't be able to download them until I get home.

First off, we went and had free Stampede Pancake breakfast. After all the horror stories that I've heard about half cooked food, it was surprisingly not too bad. I can understand that they end up making food for several hundreds of people, so that may happen.

As we were taking the C-Train to the Stampede grounds, hubby was decidedly not feeling well, so ended up going home. I continued on with a couple of hubby's friends.

I had a pretty good time, but I hate to say it, the Calgary Stampede is somewhat similar to the PNE. Sure, the PNE doesn't have chuckwagon races or rodeos, but there is a separate rodeo in Lotusland that has similar stuff.

One of hubby's friends kept on trying to get me to buy a cowboy hat and trying to convince me that cowboy wear (cowboy hat, cowboy boots, string ties, large belt buckles and plaid shirts) were the in thing for fashion. Uh, no thanks. There were a lot of people around wearing various combinations of the above, which was odd for me to see.

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