Sunday, February 04, 2007

KOOKY: I see mountains!

This is essentially the same view as from the other post, but now I'm one floor down and sightly east of the position where the other picture was taken. This is a view out of someone's office window. Unfortunately, it's not my office window.

No, we IT folks get to live in the dungeon, aka the basement. Make that a windowless basement. In order for me to see what the weather's like outside at any given time, I have to walk down a hallway and up a flight of stairs. My manager's not any better either, although he does have his own office.

My director's the lucky one of the bunch. She has windows near the top part of one wall. Enough to let some light in, but not low enough for her to see through. Plus, she has the good fortune of having to share an office with someone else. How the head honcho gets windows and a roommate is anyone's guess.

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Lexy said...

Ah, I can see my old room in this picture.

Sometimes I miss UBC (lots of times I don't ;) )