Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jane Eyre deleted scenes

I'm still debating as to whether or not to buy the DVD when it is released in Region 1 format. Apparently, the Region 1 DVD is going to be just the TV production, without all the extra bits like the deleted scenes and the commentary. Booooooo. This will be the work of PBS.

Thanks goodness for the internet. Some people in the UK have just received their DVDs and, bless their hearts, have shared all the good stuff with the rest of the world. Thank you! whoever you are!

All the deleted scenes from the Region 2 DVD

And my favourite Ruth Wilson scene. It's not my favourite because it's romantic, it's my favourite because it highlights what an awesome actress Ruth Wilson is. This scene was one of the last scenes they shot for the adaptation.


Mai said...

Ruth is great actress :)

La Nouvelle Heloise said...

The other good extra features in the BBC DVD are the on set interviews with Susanna White, Sandy Welch, Ruth and Toby as well as audio commentary on episodes 1 and 4 - providing some really good insights as to the shaping of the script and the production. Highly recommended!
I heard somewhere that BBC America will release their DVD in zone 1 format so you may want to check if that's really true. Best, NH