Friday, February 23, 2007

KOOKY: 2 out of 3...

Normally isn't so bad, except when the third one is the one that took the job and then took another job leaving us high and dry, and on the hunt for yet another person.

Yes, one of the people who we gave a job offer to decided to take another job. This happens all the time, and he has to do what he thinks is best for him. However, that means that the person that I was going to dump some work on next Monday won't be there. And we have start looking all over again. Sigh.

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Foxy said...

Ugh, hiring is the absolute worst. At least he "quit before starting" though -- I once interviewed for a few weeks, finally hired a guy, and waited for three weeks for him to start after he accepted the position because he was being gracious with his former employer only to have him take another job three days after starting. Whee?

Starting all over again really sucks, you have my complete sympathy.