Sunday, February 18, 2007

And time marches on...

Here's a little update on what's been happening in the last little while.
  • Work drama still continues, but at least now when we turn over rocks, we're not getting any ticking bombs. However, the whole team still feels stressed out. I certainly do. It seems that someone's head may roll for this mess.
  • Amongst the work drama, I've been frantically trying to organize interviews for the team. At least half of the interviews aren't even for my work, they're for someone else, but I work with a bunch of men who rather do techie stuff than any administrative work, no matter how small. We need these extra people, even before all the work drama started, so I was the one that did the bullying and got things organized. So ladies, if this is sounding familiar, it's not just a guy thing at home where you ask him to take out the trash and he only does a half-ass job, it extends to the workplace as well. Men in general are just lazy creatures. My husband is the exception, of course =P
  • Evil homework has taken a back seat to all my work overtime that I've been doing. Sigh.
  • My back has good days and bad days. Today is a not so good day.
  • The weather is warming up. I saw flowers poking their heads up from the ground last week, I'll see if I can take pictures.

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