Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trend Setter?!?

This is for IT P/J. Tori Spelling is copying you! Read more here. Cheers!


IT Plumber/Janitor said...

What's really funny is that stroller is the exact same one I have.

hubby said...

at metrotown last week i was walking behind an older asian woman pushing a stroller. it was odd because she seemed a bit old to have a baby, but a bit young to be a grandma. i walked by, but it wasn't until i saw her again later at Sweet Home that i noticed it was a lap dog, not a baby, in the stroller basket.

Anonymous said...

What's a lap dog??

And is that really Tori Spelling? Rich people don't dress ghetto and push an inexpensive baby stoller down the stree - they dress their butlers ghetto and have them push the baby buggy.