Saturday, December 23, 2006

New table!!

So after looking for a very long time (at least a year) we finally bought a dining table that we both liked. If you had been to our house before, you would have seen the big glass table that we had. Dave had bought the thing long before we had even met. I am not a fan of glass tables, and felt the thing was too big for the room.

So last Saturday, when we were without cable and Internet, we decided to go furniture shopping. After four hours of looking, we found this table at Mobler. This was the closest thing that met all our criteria:
  • It had to be smaller than our old glass table (my criteria)
  • It couldn't be glass (again me)
  • It had to expand to fit more people (hubby's)
  • It had to be within budget (we bought the set on sale)
We were going to to go shopping on Boxing Day, but we decided to get the table now as we felt the prices wouldn't have gone down much more after Christmas, if at all. Hubby was getting a bit annoyed with not having a dining table (we had sold ours a few weeks ago), so he was really happy that we had finally gotten something.

I was still holding out for a round table, which would fit the space better, but finding a round table that fit all the criteria above, and that we liked is virtually impossible, so we settled for this table. Don't get me wrong, I love our table. It's the space that we have is awkward, so while this wasn't perfect, it was good enough.

Our only real complaint is that the table and chairs now blend in wonderfully with the flooring and our kitchen cabinets. It's amazing how much cappuccino-coloured furniture there is out there. While I don't dislike the colour, our kitchen area is pretty dark, and dark furniture doesn't work well in the area.

Now for Boxing Day shopping, we're going to look for table stuff to spruce up the table, it needs a shot of colour!

(Don't know why the pictures turned out so orange, sorry).

Picture of hidden leaf under the table. I love this feature because you don't have to mess around with storing the leaf. It's so easy to use the leaf too!

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