Sunday, November 02, 2008

The REAL reason why I've gone AWOL

Well, I'm hell bent and determined to start blogging again. But first to catch you guys up on what's been happening in my life for the past few months.

  • Wrote up my report for Evil Homework. This was to be the final piece of my schooling for my bachelor's degree.
  • Handed in report May 1
Second Half May
  • Went on our Southern England-Rome trip. Yes, I still have post up reviews and pictures of the trip. It will happen. Promise.
  • Found out I failed my big project (aka the report, Evil Homework and three years of my life down the drain).
  • Talked with my advisor about my options. Was told that I had to do a rewrite.
Rest of June, July, and most of August
  • Great efforts undertaken to re-write my report.
  • Handed in report near the end of August. I also had a bit of a minor shock when I handed it in, but will not get into the details as everything ended up working out in the end. But still not happy with how it was handled.
Sometime mid-July
  • I got knocked up. Yes, here is the real reason why I took a hiatus from blogging. More to come...
  • I'd actually missed my period near the beginning of August, but I tend to be notoriously late, so didn't think much of it. I was under a certain amount of stress and despondency because of Evil Homework, so thought that was the cause of my period being late.
  • Mid-August, started noticing signs of pregnancy eg I didn't want to eat foods I had no trouble eating before, was tired, feeling sick, my boobs were getting bigger, I peed a lot, etc. I decided not to pee on a stick yet because I knew if I did test positive, I would have immediately stopped focusing on said report, which would not bode well.
  • Late August: I was just finishing my report. Hubby was a trooper and helped me with the final edits, which was awesome, because I by that time was so nauseous and tired that I'd pretty much stopped focusing on it. Finally handed in report.
  • August 27th: Finally peed on a stick. It came out positive right away. The box said I would have to wait up to 2 mins to get a result. I think because I was now about 8 weeks along that my hormone levels were pretty high. And thus, my test show positive the moment it hit the right spot on the test.
  • End of Aug beginning of Sept: Went to Calgary.
  • Finally saw the doctor after coming back from Calgary
  • Sept 6: Went for a dating ultrasound. Radiologist said that I was 9 weeks, 2 days by then. Also went to a wedding that day, and it was a huge challenge to hide the fact that I was pregnant. Nausea was hitting me big time by the time the main course came around.
  • Mid-Sept: received noticed that I'd passed Evil Homework and finally have all my credits for graduation. Yay!
Rest of September - October
  • Other than work and started reading up on baby stuff, mostly slept and felt nauseous. Went to the gym when I could.
  • Nausea mostly disappeared later in October.
So there you have it. What I've been doing for the last 6 months or so. I decided long before we had even started trying that I wanted to go the midwife route. So far, the experience has been okay, but nothing stellar, but that will be a separate blog post. I'm also looking into cloth diapers and yes, I've been exercising pretty much my entire pregnancy. Also will be separate blog posts going forward.

So far, other than the nausea and the tiredness, it hasn't been a very exciting pregnancy, which I suppose is a good thing. I did injure my right SI joint, and while I know this is sometime common in pregnancies, I don't think the main reason why it was injured was because I was pregnant. It has something to do with a soft, lumpy mattress. Again, another future blog post.

I will be starting up a separate blog for the bebe, so all pictures, including ultrasound and belly pics, will be posted there. I had finally scanned my dating ultrasound picture a while ago, but was too ill and too tired to do more than that.

Going forward, my blog will probably be a lot of ranting, random thoughts and information about being pregnant, having a baby, and being a parent. I'm still hoping that my thoughts will be a little more than just that, but I can only focus on so many things right now.

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