Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm 20 weeks today! I have to say that other than the nausea (no actual throwing up thank goodness!) and the SI joint pain, which comes and goes, I've had a relatively smooth pregnancy. Everything looks good so far with bebe, and I haven't had too many other pregnancy symptoms (cross fingers). I still get slightly nauseated in the evenings when I'm tired. I still have some food aversions when I eat (which may be psychological at this point because I was so scare before that some foods would kick the nausea into high gear). But no hemorrhoids (cross fingers), no constipation (cross fingers), and any heartburn I experience is very mild, and typically disappears in an hour or so (cross fingers). I still have upper back pain, but a large part of it I think is because I'm still sitting in front of the computer for many hours of the day, and I can't sleep on my back, so my shoulders are also in the same slumped position as if I was sitting in a chair.

The most uncomfortable thing for me right now is that my belly apparently doesn't like to be confined. Even when wearing my mat pants, which are very comfy, it squeezes my belly just enough so that not only is my belly uncomfortable, but it triggers a weird gagging sensation. If it's not constricting clothing, then it's either the baby shifting or growing that will trigger the gag reflex. I gag several times a day, every day now. Hubby's gotten used to it, but he's still waiting for the day when I actually up-chuck. So not fun.

I'm also starting to feel the baby move. I've probably been able to feel it move for some time. I've been told it's been told that it's either a fluttery feeling or it feels like gas bubbles. The fluttering I've been feeling more of. The gas bubbles, harder to tell, not certain if it's the baby or my body passing gas. Ha. Can't wait for the kid to start kicking me in the ribs.

Anyways, I've started up a baby blog, so if you want to view it, email or message me! I'll post a belly pic up there too!

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dinah34 said...

congrats on being half way!