Saturday, September 29, 2007

Life is interesting...

Well, I've been on Facebook for a few months, and here is what I've discovered so far:
  • The world is indeed a small place. Some of my Friends know some of my other Friends, but I know it wasn't through me.
  • Looking at the list of people from my high school graduating class, I sadly have little recollection of most of them beyond their name and/or face, and some I don't remember at all
  • A lot of my high school graduating class have young kids. Not a big deal in of itself, as we're all in our mid-thirties. But it's weird to think that we're actually ADULTS with ankle-biters. I still am not there mentally yet.
  • I'm still trying to not be sucked into this. I don't feel like I'm an obsessive Facebook user, but I am on it more often than I want to be. I blame L in Cowtown and T and LA. Yes, you two know who you are =P

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