Monday, September 17, 2007

KOOKY: Housecleaning

(I'm actually quite busy at work, but the busyness is pretty routine, and frankly, not worth mentioning.)

Today I cracked and cleaned the fridge and microwave.

Between 15 people, we all share a bar fridge and microwave. The fridge is in another room, while not so conveniently located, of late has spared me smelling the molding food that sat in the fridge for who knows how long. Unfortunately, every time I walked into the room, I could immediately smell the moldy food. What's worse is the fridge was waaaaay across the room, that's how bad the smell was.

Today I snapped.

I gave everyone until mid-afternoon to claim what was theirs. Then I went in, dumped pretty much everything, and gave the fridge and the microwave a good scrub. All during my lunch hour.

I'm much happier now.


Ms.Smarties said...

I admire you. I'd never clean the fridge at work. I rather not use it than clean it.

Totally caca.

Anonymous said...

I'd never clean the work fridge. A smelly fridge should be cleaned by the cleaning staff. I am sure that is included in their job description. Leaving a nice note on the fridge usually gets the ball rolling.

hubby said...

A few months ago, this awful stench would waft into my cubicle once in a while. I figured it must have been coming from the vents. One morning I went to use the fridge (first time in a long while), and I almost hurled. That's when I, like my wife, snapped and cleaned out the fridge...only I did it during work hours. Believe it or not, my coworkers were actually using the fridge all this time...some even wondered where the smell was coming from, as they inspect each garbage pail. Go figure. I also have to put up with banging into open cabinets and other science experiments around the office.

Irene said...

Actually, I don't think cleaning smelly fridges is part of their job description. I actually see my cleaning staff clean (yes, we apparently are the only ones who has cleaning staff working during business hours, go figure). I've very strongly hinted, and they never once offered to clean, but instead, offered to lend me some cleaning supplies, which they did.