Saturday, November 20, 2010

Childhood Diseases, So Far...

This last month has been really busy for us. In between boughs of daycare colds, we went to Orlando, Florida for a nice trip. It included Disney World, Sea World and Kennedy Space Centre. It also included the biggest goose egg bump on ToddlerL's right forehead. Again. He's fallen and hit that same area so many times that he's formed a weird dent on that side. Seeing the insides of the first aid station at Disney World, twice, was definitely not part of the trip itinerary (The other time was my mom getting heat exhaustion. Apparently we picked the week to vacation when the weather gods decided to give Orlando record high temperatures and lots of humidity. It was good times).

Since starting daycare, ToddlerL has had a number of colds and a couple of fevers, which I had completely expected. I also expect the diarrhea and vomiting. While worrisome and gross as these ordeals may be, I fully expect them at some point and will be (hopefully) prepare to nurse my son back to full health while undergoing a number of sleepless nights myself.

However, he also had some other illnesses which I had never heard of before having a kid. To date, he's had:
While I know many people have asthma, and they learn to deal with it and still live a normal life, I couldn't believe the types of emotions I had when I was told this this may be a possibility for ToddlerL.  I mean, it's okay for everyone else's kid, but my own, and to have to acknowledge that my child may not be in perfect health, well, it's hard. Heart speaking over the head. I never thought I'd actually feel this way. Nonetheless, we have an appointment with the asthma clinic next week, so I will just have to learn to accept reality and move on. Baby steps, right?

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