Friday, October 08, 2010

The Last Eight Months

Since going back to work, I haven't blogged at all. It's taken me a long while to get back into a new groove, and I still feel like I'm struggling. But enough whining for now, I will whine some more later. Now is the time to update you on the last eight months.

So I have a Facebook account. And I've discovered over time that my statuses tend to be stuff about my kid, practically a micro blog. Today is the day he turns 18 months old. No matter which way you measure it, he is now a full-fledged toddler. So without further ado, the last eight months of my kid's life (with some very minor editing):

Feb 8 - BabyL is 10 months old!!!! He's crawling up a storm and pulling himself up! Pictures are coming, promise...!

Feb 21 - Tooth #5 and #6 have arrived! Finally!

March 8 - Weed has a 11-month old! Pictures coming soon. Counting down to the big 1

March 10 - BabyL has cut tooth #7. Lower left, next to his middle teeth.

March 22 - BabyL got into the daycare centre that was #1 on my list. Yayayay! But I have to wait until July before he can start. But he got in!!! Such a relief!!!!

March 25 - Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! It'll be BabyL's first birthday in exactly two weeks!

March 31 - Just wrote out a bunch of cheques to BabyL's new daycare. Bubye money... Wah...

April 1 - BabyL took his first steps today!!!!

April 6 - BabyL had a fun day with Grandma! Hubby is now back at work....

April 8
- One year ago today at 6.38pm, after almost 40 hours of labour, I gave birth to my awesome little dude! Happy Birthday BabyL! Pictures forthcoming, Mummy's been too busy planning the Birthday Party :D

April 10
- Weed made a lot of cupcakes last night for BabyL's birthday party! Yum! It's going to be beautiful day for a party. I hope my kid can nap after all that sugar.

April 17
- Weed hopes that she's not coming down the the cough that  BabyL had all week! I'm beginning to get a tickle in my throat.

April 18
- BabyL cut tooth #8 today!

May 2 - We finally figured out what BabyL's first word is: mum mum. Not Mama. He also can sign "more". So it's more mum mum. More food. My kid's a walking stomach.

May 6 - Thinks that BabyL may be allergic to egg whites. Yay.

May 14 - So... when does the picky phase end?

May 19 - Reacted from his MMV/Chicken Pox shots. Spots all over. But he's doing better.

May 30 -  BabyL's new bedtime routine: headbutting Mummy. Ouch!

June 6
- Cough + runny nose + bad nap weekend = One very grumpy little dude (and one very tired mummy!)

June 12 - Hubby thinks that BabyL has cut tooth #9, a molar! Or at least somewhere further back. I still have yet to see it myself...

June 13 - Apparently BabyL had cut tooth #9 & 10, both molars, in the past couple of weeks. I see lots of white back there!

June 19 - Weed just spent a LOT of money getting school uniforms for BabyL! For Daycare! Eeep!

June 20 - BabyL had a Pirate Pack in celebration of Father's Day! Yum!

June 26 - BabyL's just went to his first Star Trek Convention!

Jun 29 - BabyL's new favourite pasttime: breaking off mid-nurse to sing or make funny sounds, then continues nuring againg. Good times.

July 4 - BabyL had his first fast food burger today -- an A&W Baby burger

July 5
- "Boooot". That's the sound BabyL makes after he farts, or if he hears you fart

July 6 - BabyL had a great first day at school! And in other news, I noticed tooth #11 & #12. One just broke the gum, the other's been out for a while, but I didn't see it until today.

Aug 3 - BabyL's first piece of artwork from school -- a lovely piece of abstractness rendered in orange and brown crayon -- is now displayed on the refrigerator door.

Aug 12 - Weed wonders when BabyL will stop his transitioning to one nap and just start sleeping at a regular time. When...?

Aug 13 - The day I've been waiting for since BabyL was born: BabyL's favourite word now is "No!"

Aug 13 - #15 & #16 are now out! Finally, he's been a drool monster for the past few weeks!

Aug 22 - Weed has a little dude that LOVES rice.

Sept 2
- BabyL's new word is "more". He can say and sign "more" at the same time. More food. More of his favourite smiley crackers. More playing with Mama when she's tired. More singing Itsey Bitsy BabyL (Spider) for the 27th time...

Sept 3 - Weed is so not impressed that BabyL pushed his entire dinner onto the floor. Definitely not one of his cuter moments. Good times.

Sept 5 -  Kale Chips: the only green vegetable that my kid will voluntarily eat.

Sept 12 - Weed will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER go to a mall without a stroller. Ever.

Sept 13 - BabyL's way of saying good night to Mama: "Bye-Bye"

Sept 20
- BabyL's new comfort pose: right index finger shoved in his mouth, left index finger shoved in your belly button.

Sept 26 - Not only does BabyL LOVES spinach, he asks for more!

Oct 1 - This mama experienced her first trip to the ER with BabyL. Let's hope it's the last time :( At least the little Dude is okay. (Thanks for the concern everyone. BabyL had a bad cold and a fever, which is why we went to the doctor. The doctor heard wheezing and sent him straight to the hospital. In the end, the doctor said it's reactive airways disease, which shows itself as asthma-like symptoms. He too young right now to tell if he will have asthma, we have to wait a few more years before they can run test, I think. He's on some meds to help clear the wheezing, and we're going to an asthma clinic eventually. Other than that, he's back to his old self.)

Oct 7 -  My kid had ketchup for dinner.

Oct 8 - Weed has an 18-month old. No more baby, but lots of toddler boy awesomeness! Bring on the good times!

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