Monday, June 18, 2007

This 'n that

Right. So this is what's been happening so far in my life.

1. Heath
Okay, I won't kid you. Finding out I have high cholesterol unnerved me a bit. Coupled with finding out that Sarah had died from her battle with cancer (and I think I was also battling PMS mood swings), I became a tad paranoid and ran to the doctor for... mild tendinitis in the wrist, aka wrist strain.

I noticed that I had an itchy spot on my wrist, and after a bit of prodding a poking around, I thought that I had a small lump in my wrist. Well to make a long story short, the lump turned out to be a bone, and now my doctor thinks I'm a hypochondriac.

I've been trying to find ways lower my cholesterol. I do feel that my high cholesterol is a result of genetics, but that shouldn't stop me from trying to be healthier. So far, I've found out that almonds help lower cholesterol, so I've been eating a small handful every day. We also trying to figure out which type of soluble fibres I should be eating more of, like oat bran. I don't anticipate changing my diet drastically, but I aim at lowering my consumption of saturated fats and salt, and eat less junk food while still maintaining a healthy diet.

If anyone has any bright ideas to help me lower my cholesterol, pass them on to me.

2. School
I've been feeling a little bit depressed lately because I didn't feel that my project was moving forward. However, I had a good talk with my client in Toronto yesterday, and a lot of things became much clearer for me. I now feel like things are back on track, and my motivation has returned.

3. Work
This thing about being in a leadership role is tricky business. I don't always feel that I'm doing the right thing, or that I even know what to do. Frantic prayers to God have become a daily thing, but I'm slowly plodding along and learning as I go. I'll be taking a couple of management workshops next month, so that should be interesting.

Other than that, I'm pretty busy as I have a couple of really tight deadlines coming up before my bit trip to Par-ee!

4. Family
Yesterday was Father's Day, and I did my due diligence and took my dad out for dinner. We had actually commented to friends of ours how whenever we go out for family dinner, one of us (me, my mom or my sister) always invariably ends up arguing with my dad in the car. It's a time honoured family tradition. Fortunately, last night was fairly peaceful.

Later this week, we will be going to Calgary to visit hubby's family. Notable things on the agenda include making a trip to H&M, and a 5 hour hike in the mountains. Hubby's just informed me that it snowed again, so the trail will be nice and muddy and wet when we go.


Chelle said...

Have a good trip to Calgary!

Lexy said...

High Cholesterol sucks. I found out I had it in January. I tried the way healthier eating thing for about two months then fell off the wagon. Its tough. I've also concluded mine is genetic. I did hear something recently that said it is a genetic defense mechanism to build up cholesterol if you are low in vitamin D. I'm going with that, since I was tested in January. Hopefully when I get tested again my numbers will have dropped because its sunny out now :)

Have fun in Calgary (we're going too - and Banff, Jasper & Edmonton)