Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My trip to Cowtown

The picture to the left is Upper Kananaskis Lake. Apparently they had filmed a part of X2 here (yes, it's the scene where the plane goes into the water). You can't really tell, but the water's a lighter blue colour, and that's because the water's glacier fed. We hiked along the edge of the lake. It was 15km, not too much elevation, but still a loooong walk nonetheless. (Photo stolen from my friend RO who suggested the hike).

Shopping booty (BTW, PST-free shopping can really go to one's head; I really wasn't saving that much!):
  • 3 tops and 2 two dresses from H&M
  • Lots of underthings from La Senza (hey, they had a sale!)
  • A Tempurpedic travel sized pillow (for Paris and other trips, now I don't have to pack my regular pillow!)
  • A cute pair of really light and comfy sandals made by Naot, from Gravity Pope
  • A pair of Foxy Jeans from Unlimited Blue (for those of you who live in Calgary, this place rules!)
  • Body lotion from Origins
  • Lip Glass from MAC
What I won't miss about Calgary:
  • mosquitoes
  • sleeping on a lumpy futon mattress
  • the dry air
  • the fact that it always seems windy there
All-in-all, not a bad trip. I got to hang out with my good friend L, and Hubby did his male bonding thing with his friends, and visited his family. My mom came along, and although she was staying with a friend of hers, the logistics got a little bit complicated. But it certainly was interesting shopping with her. She even found something at Purr (another trendy store on 17th, love their stuff!)

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Chelle said...

sounds like a good trip! Glad you enjoyed your time away!