Sunday, March 04, 2007

Two surprises

Yesterday was an unusual day. The day started off with a wedding. Now normally, weddings, while pleasant affairs, usually aren't big surprises as there tends to be a build-up months in advance leading up to the event.

However, I got the invitation to come to the wedding Friday night after 11pm, after I was already in bed. The wedding was set for Saturday, 1pm. I had less than 14 hours notice, freaked out because I had nothing to wear, I ironed my clothes (something I never do, too much bother), and we rushed to the mall to grab the gift.

My friend married a girl who was not a Canadian Citizen, nor was she a landed immigrant. So to expedite the immigration paperwork, they got married. The bride had come back for a visit to do some wedding planning (they're still having a formal ceremony in June) and of course to see my friend. Little did she know that she was was going to get married. She didn't even bring any dressy clothing with her, so they had to go buy some.

So after everyone arrived, some last minute furniture shuffling and a quick trip to the florist, my friends were hitched. Everyone was surprised, but pleasantly so. The bride and groom had big stupid grins on their faces which mirrored ours. I'm so thrilled for him. It was totally evident that they loved each other. This is one wedding ceremony I won't forget for a long time.

The other surprise was for another friend later that night. Tomorrow is her birthday, and we wanted to do something nice for her. She couldn't make it to the wedding, so we'd asked if she wanted to go for dinner with the rest of us. She would only show up if the newlyweds were going to be there. We let her think that (the bride and groom had an extended family dinner, half the family didn't even know that the wedding had taken place yet!). Anyways, she showed up with a nice bouquet of red roses, ha! The joke was on her. But in any case, we had lots of fun stuffing our faces with yummy Greek food.

Today I feel like a total blimp, too much food from yesterday, and it was a pretty tiring day, but so much fun!

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