Monday, March 12, 2007

Method Products

I'm posting this mainly for my friend T, who is an avid reader of this blog and who works for Evil Telus (you know who you are!).

Several people have told me about Method Products. Method is a company that makes environmentally-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products. Since there was so many people raving about them, I decided to give it I try.

So far, I've tried the Daily Shower Spray and the Cleaning Cloths (Cucumber scent). I have to say I love it! The shower spray, although I don't use daily (because it's still relatively expensive), works great and I don't have to use as much elbow grease when I go to scrub the tub. I also use it on our bathroom sink (again, less elbow grease).

I also bought a bottle of the Cleaning Cloths, and this stuff rules! The clothes are thicker than the Lysol cloths that we currently use, and I found that these cloths clean better than the Lysol ones. Plus the cloths are biodegradable (however, hubby did point out how would it degraded when you wrap it up in a plastic garbage bag, ha!)

Two thumbs up for Method!


doctor T said...

You can buy biodegradable garbage bags now!

Anonymous said...

Rather than making the biodegradable products so expensive, manufacturers ought to encourage the purchase of biodegradable products by lowering the cost (by a lot). Until that happens, I will continue to buy the non-bio-degradable, non-environmentally friendly products.

hubby said...

Gasoline ought to be > $5/litre.

Anonymous said...

... and all cars should be > $1,000,000

Get the picture?

hubby said...

Only the fossil fuel powered cars, but we know that won't happen any time soon. Heck, maybe $5/litre is still too cheap, comparatively speaking.