Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I may not be posting for the next week or so. Life has suddenly become amazingly busy, and I don't know how much time I can even devote to my personal life. Going to the gym has already been thrown out the window for the rest of this week. Bah.

Some things that had happened so far this week:
  • We had a new guy start at work (finally!)
  • I almost melted at the gym last night. The air conditioning unit died during my step class. My instructor kept telling us that we didn't want to know how hot it was
  • After several false starts, hubby's finally managed to download the Ubuntu iso and will be playing around with it for the next little while. He's going to wipe off the W2K on our 7 year old laptop and install Ubuntu. (He's also a little fed up with MS). This will be an interesting experiment. More to come later.
  • We're trying to sell our coffee table
Things that are happening this week and next:
  • My big project at work is finally starting up. I'll be in meeting most of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I will be getting very little work done. Plus I don't know how busy I'll actually be until they start setting time lines late this week. We have2 months to make thing thing work, so it'll be tight. Lucky for me, they are feeding us, breakfast included. Whoo!
  • I really need to continue on with school work, that's kinda stalled this whole month for various reasons
  • I'm going to the car show. Whoo!
  • We have visitors staying at our place all next week. I need to clean my house. Joy.


Ms.Smarties said...

Having overnight guests is exhausting. Good luck with the Big project.

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu looks interesting. THis is the first time someone has mentioned it. How hard is it to install and setup? Is it possible to run MS Office on it or do you need to run Linux based "office" software? What about drivers? It'd be a bummer if there are no drivers for commonly used devices such as printers.

hubby said...

It is a *nicely* packaged Debian distribution. Once you download and burn an image onto CD, you can boot off the CD and try Ubuntu without affecting your current Windows setup. Installation is no harder than Windows setup in my opinion. In fact, everything actually worked the first time.

It comes with Open Office, which is enough for what I do. My friend installed Ubuntu Virtual Machine, and he runs his games that require XP from there.

I have been away from UNIX/Linux for several years, so I have forgotten a lot of the ins/outs of these operating systems, but my experience with Ubuntu so far is: click, click, click,... I keep a shell window open, just because it feels right (reminiscing the IT glory days), but I was not able to edit a text file properly with vi, so I had to rely on the click, click, click route.