Sunday, November 05, 2006

Will it blend?

I was shown this by IT P/J the other day. Really, I don't know why you would feel the need to blend something as tough as glass marbles, but if you so desire, then there's a blender out there that will do it.

IT P/J mentioned in passing that they actually use these blenders in the Starbucks stores. Hmm....

(And as a side note, for someone who doesn't have time for anything, he somehow finds all these interesting things to send to me. =P)


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the blended Macdonalds meal would taste like? Probably pretty tasty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene.

Actually, Starbucks uses the Vita Mix Commercial, which is the originator of the super blenders. I don't know if they switched to these Blendtec blenders. It's a good thing to have a competitor to Vita Mix as their prices are high but their blenders do the job. It took a while to convince L that I needed a proper blender since my KitchenAid does not blend frozen fruits properly. The Vita Mix blenders will make fresh peanut butter from whole peanuts. Same with flour.