Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PSA: It's a beauty!

My poor hubby started feeling sick on Sunday while we were still in Calgary. And lo and behold, I started feeling the woosiness, nausea and the lump in my throat Monday morning when I woke up. So I took a quick break at work and high-tailed it to the Shopper's on Campus (yes, there's a Shopper's at UBC, go corporate giants!) and bought some Cold-FX.

Cold-FX was recommended by the wise women of Hitched, and once again, they were spot on. Not only are my initial symptoms gone, but I did not get sick! I have been converted! Whoo!

The only down side to Cold-FX is the price. It's really pricy. I paid $11-ish for 18 pills. You can either get a box, which you take if you start feeling symptoms, and take all 18 over a three-day period, or get a bottle of 60 capsules. Either way, not cheap.

I am, however, not completely convinced that it's a great preventative measure. On the packaging, it even says that it's a derivative of North American ginseng, so I'm going to take a look into taking ginseng on a regular basis. I will however, be taking Cold-FX whenever I feel another cold or flu coming on. I'm convinced that it will work for a hopeful quick fix.

As for hubby, he's miserable, he's tired and he can't sleep at night. Poor guy.

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