Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Indian cuisine and pizza?!?!?

What does pizza and Indian cuisine have in common?

A lot, if you order from the Pizza Factory on Kingsway. This particular Pizza Factory is also owned by the people who own Safferon. The two stores are right next to each other; they even share the same kitchen.

Safferon has been recommended to us by more people than we can count. I've eaten there once for dinner, it was very good, and quite reasonable. However, the pièce de résistance is their $11.95 all you can eat lunch buffet, or so I am told. I already know that the food is good there, so the buffet must be awesome.

Tonight, I had ordered pizza from the Pizza Factory, because hubby is sick, and I don't cook. A friend of mine (who is Vegan) had tried the pizza there and he really liked it. Normally I wouldn't take advice from a Vegan as he's a non-animal by-product eater. However, this guy is a great cook and a pretty good connissseur of food. Plus, his wife isn't a veggie, so to accommodate her, he's put back some animal food stuff back into his diet.

And he was right! It's one of the best tasting pizzas I've ever had. Yum!

Can these people do no wrong? They've mastered Indian and pizza, which is an odd enough combination as it is. Maybe they should try Chinese as their next venture. After all, if most Japanese restaurants in this town are operated by Chinese people, who's to say that the Indians can't do an equally as good of a job with Chinese food?

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