Thursday, February 09, 2006

KOOKY: "Tall, no-whip hot chocolate"

"Tall, no-whip hot chocolate"

This is what I always order when I go to Starbucks. Lately, however, I've been going there a lot, and have been noticing that I've been gaining a bit of weight. Not much, but when your 5'2" and petite, you notice.

So I looked up the Nutritional Facts on the Starbucks website.

Calories: 270
Total Fat: 11g

My daily intake of calories should be about 1000-1200, and my daily fat intake should be around 24g. Not the end of the world, but extra calories I can do without.

I get hot chocolate for one of two reasons:
1) I need a chocolate fix
2) I need to wake myself up (I don't drink coffee, so this is my new stimulant du jour)

I was very proud of myself when I decided to take a break this morning and went to the Starbucks with my co-worker. It's actually sunny today, so might as well enjoy the weather.

I did not get a hot chocolate. Yay me!

This is a big achievement, especially considering that there four (4) Starbucks within a five minute walking distance from my office. KOOKY, I tell ya.

However, I need my chocolate fix (especially now that I'm PMS-ing, bleh). So I went to the hospital cafeteria and got a chocolate milk. Now let's check out the Nutritional Fact:

Calories: 200
Total Fat: 6g

Dammit, it doesn't look like I'm much more ahead. Bah. Well, at least my bones will thank me.


ms eyre said...

Try getting the hot chocolate with non-fat milk. That will shave calories off.

Irene said...

Yeah, I know about the non-fat milk. However, non-fat milk also makes the hot chocolate taste like water with some cocoa powder in it. Then I would have felt that I'd wasted $2.94.

I also looked at the Nutritional Facts for a can of Coke. 160 calories, and no fat. I don't think I can win any way I look at it.

doctor T said...

Have you ever tried a vanilla black tea? It might have the right amount of sweet and caffeine to keep you going.

But hell, at least chocolate milk has calcium, right?

Ms.Smarties said...

I say keep drinking your "Tall, no-whip hot chocolate", it's too good not to...just work out more :-)