Friday, January 08, 2010

My kid is 9 months old!

Hard to believe that I have a 9 month old baby! My kid is growing into a really neat and fun little man. He loves jumping, jumping while being held, playing airplane, babbling, screeching and plain looking and touching EVERYTHING! One thing about BabyL is that whenever he's in a new environment, or encounters a new person, he will just sit there quietly and take everything in, process it, then get comfortable being himself.

So far he:
  • Can roll from back to belly and belly to back
  • Has four teeth
  • Can get on all fours, but only pushes himself backwards, so no crawling yet
  • Eats a lot of different types of solids foods
  • Babbles a lot
  • Screeches a lot
  • Is still teething like crazy.
  • Is a pretty good sleeper (so far, fingers crossed)
  • Loves bananas
It's neat to see the world from his point of view, but parenting is exhausting at the same time, and I already have lots of help. One of my biggest pet peeves when talking with other parents, especially when I want support and/or ideas of how to deal with something relating to BabyL is I get the response, "It's a phase, it will pass like all things." Yes, I know that, but I don't find that helpful at all, and I do find it extremely frustrating when told this. I need a sympathetic ear, and I would like ideas as to how to deal with it now. Telling me that it's a phase, just means, to me, that I need to to tough out. What I typically do is take in all the information and try to figure out what works best for us and for BabyL. Not having any good ideas as to what may work just makes it harder for me to make good choices as a parent, and makes me more frustrated and tired. A tired mama makes for a cranky mama, and not a very good parent to BabyL. Anyways, rant over.


dinah34 said...

he's perfect!

i used to find talking to other parents (especially those of older generations) to be maddening as well. it got so tired of hearing "it's gas". i was ready to throttle people.

Disaster girl said...

Baby is SO cute!

Elizabeth said...

According to you, parenting is exhausting all the time, but I know, deep in you, that this tiresome responsibility is a happy obligation as well. Now that he's turning 1, you should now have a list of dentists. Lake Forest, Illinois' number one parent rule is to have their kid be seriously checked the moment they reached 1. I learned that through a dentist in Lake Forest who happened to set his clinic across our building.

Just like me, I hope you could find a good dentist for your kid. Take care!