Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek XI


Hubby and I saw this movie a few weeks ago on our first non-Baby L outing. I was dying to see this moving last Christmas, but when I had found out that Paramount had pushed back the release of this movie to May 2009, I was a little upset. After all, I would have had a one-month old by then. Nonetheless, Hubby and I managed to swing a date-afternoon, and went. I had high hopes for this movie because JJ Abrams directed this movie, and it was a fresh new angle to a franchise that has been around for decades.

In short, I loved the movie! Great action, great acting, believable plot, despite the fact that they used the time travel shtick yet again. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg I feel were by far the best at imitating the original Bones and Scotty characters. I also like how they gave Kirk`s character more depth. It`s mostly true that you don`t need to be a Star Trek fan to follow along with the movie, you won`t be able to pick up on the subtle references to the Star Trek series, but you can still enjoy the movie for what it is.

While I questioned allowing Spock to show some emotions and having Spock`s mother die (she`s still alive and kicking in an alternate timeline as shown in TNG), I was willing to overlook these discrepancies from the Star Trek series. I know that some die hard Trekkers probably balked at these obvious discrepancies, but I chalk it down to the producers wanting to explore an alternate timeline and possibilities (and my cynical side says to create an excuse for a sequel. As I write, I see an untitled sequel entry in IMDB).

Nonetheless, I give this movie two thumbs up!

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