Sunday, September 10, 2006

This hot/cold thing BITES!!

Okay, I'm suppose to subject my foot to one minute of cold (0C) and one minute of hot (40C). I have had several people tell me that this is a good technique to help my foot heal faster, but I've never heard of this technique before. I'm not doubting the physio's and my friends word, I just don't understand how this is suppose to help my foot. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Oh, and pray hard that my foot will be well by Friday. Well, really Saturday morning, as by that time, we'll ben in London!


Anonymous said...

Cold=bring swelling down, hot=open blood vessels to help prevent bruising?


Gwyn said...

I remember about hot/cold treatments... it was after the track and field competition where I did a race and had to wait 4 hours for the next one they did hot and cold on MY WHOLE BODY!!!! It sucked ass being picked up by a grown man and dunked into a recycling can full of ice water... sucked. Supposedly it helps relax the muscle with blood distribution or something, like Karin said. I think its a form of torture, and they get you to do it to yourself!

I'll put a word into the Universe for you to get better for your trip.

hubby said...

-accelerates blood circulation out/in of the affected area (cold constricts blood vessels for waste removal, and heat dilates blood vessels for inflow of nutrients).

-keep doing this...repeat a few times a day...don't make me carry you for our entire trip! :P

Anonymous said...

This hot and cold treatment is probably a placebo-type treatment. It only works because you've got your mind set on it working.