Friday, January 23, 2009

I want to hire this guy

Mordac rules. Someone at work pointed out that our office managers should hire the cow, he's smarter. I agree.

I had a week from hell, and I knew it would be a week from hell, I just didn't anticipate it would turn out to be something that blew up on the server. The person at work who solved the problem can never leave our group or retire. Seriously. He's not supposed to be doing the low level technical stuff any longer, but quite honestly, he revels in it. I've spent many a late night with him in the past. The man is brilliant. He's been promoted to an Architect level, but doing the low level techie stuff is where his passions really is.


dinah34 said...

Reeeeeeeeeeeboot indeed. :)

i'd like to be relocated to an agrarian society.

tle said...

this guy sounds alot like me

Anonymous said...

the problem lies between the keyboard and the chair