Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paris: T minus 2

So it's two days before Paris, and I still have to:
  • Do laundry
  • Pack (haven't started)
  • Tie up stuff for work (there's something major that's planned for Sunday, I may be pulling out hairs then)
  • Figure out what we're doing (cracking open ye olde guidebook)
  • Get evil homework to a point where I can show stuff to people
  • Get copies of my documentation online for backup
On top of that, family is in town, so I won't have time to do nuthin! And I've looked at a half-dozen weather sites and they all tell me something different! I'll need to take half my wardrobe to be properly clothed! Bah!

Stress, stress, stress...

People, stop asking if I'm excited about my trip, I haven't had a half decent minute to think about it properly yet!

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