Monday, July 02, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

I've been itching to watch a movie for a while now. All these movies have been coming out, and I haven't seen a single one.

So anyways, we decided to go see the new Die Hard movie. It wasn't too bad. Here's what I thought:

The Good:
  • The action was really good
  • Timothy Olyphant played an awesome bad guy. It's a shame he's not in bigger roles.
  • Typical cheesy lines you've learn to love from the Die Hard movies
  • Tim Russ made an appearance (although I can't say that this was his best performance, or even good).
The Not-So-Good:
  • Typical cheesy lines you've learn to love from the Die Hard movies
  • Really, the plot was a bit thin and the script not the best written
  • The acting was so-so
Hubby's biggest complaint about the movie was that we didn't find out what they real reason behind the whole "firesale" disaster, not until near the end. I felt that a lot of the plot, up until they reveled the reason behind everything, was just an excuse for all the great action, and entertaining as it was, made me wonder if there was anything more to the story. But everything did tie together in the end, just not very well. In short, I blame the script for mediocre plot-line development.

My verdict: 7 out of 10.

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